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Bhavya Bengani – A Young Spark

By Sonalika Singh

Bhavya Bengani, an actor and a Youtuber is a budding artist who is trying to create a balance between his acting interests, desire to become a cricketer, and his daily school studies.

In an interview with Sonalika Singh, Bhavya’s mother Manasvini explained the tiny tot’s journey from an expressive child to becoming a Youtuber and an actor.

A shoot in progress,

‘Bhavya was always an expressive child and his expressions were very lucid, cogent and sharp’, says Manasvini.
After noticing this she decided to enroll Bhavya in a summer course for film and television acting when he was just 8 years old, where he learned how to face the camera and deliver dialogues in different situations. According to Bhavya’s mother, after attending the course Bhavya’s acting skills showed a marked improvement and the course also helped him to get rid of stage fright, which was his mother’s main motive for enrolling him in that course.

Besides, Bhavya also started participating in competitions like the poetry recitation and storytelling competitions where he bagged medals due to his expressiveness. His quest to give vent to his articulateness, led him to YouTube, a social medium, which he felt could be gainfully utilized to gain access to a wider audience and used as a tool for spreading motivational

In pursuance of this noble endeavor, he found his mother on his side, who especially learned editing for one month so that she could help her son to make and edit the videos he uploaded on his YouTube channel. ‘We made motivational videos to inspire other children with them’, she said. When asked about Bhavya’s feelings regarding the views he gets on his videos he said, ‘It feels good when my videos get more views and comments. I also reply to some of the comments and the number of people who have subscribed to my channel is more than 1000’.

In addition to his passion for acting and taking recourse to social media to act as the torchbearer of motivational awareness, Bhavya also has a deep interest in cricket and wants to become a cricketer. His parents support him in this endeavor as well, as they believe that parents must support their children in realizing their dreams come what may. His interest in
becoming a cricketer was fuelled largely by his exposure to international cricket, particularly the Indian cricket team’s stellar performance in prestigious tournaments. His school too is aiding him in the fructification of this desire.

Bhavya’s talents and his inner passion to realize his potential and dreams are bearing fruition owing to his immense zeal and rock-solid support of his parents and his school. With the path that he has chosen, it’s only a matter of time that his creative spark will be fanned into a fire.


2018 – 2nd Best film awarded for the short film ‘BAGHA’ in International Children Film Festival, Jaipur

2017 – India Book of Record Holder 2018 in young achiever category for the longest solo act of 40min performed

2017 – Top 100 record-holders and invited for ‘Indian Record Holders at World Stage’, New Delhi

2017 – Short film in which he was a lead role in selected and screened at

  1. Film Festival by TISS
  2. Irregulars Art Fair, Delhi
  3. Mumbai International Film Festival (student film section)

2017 – Prefect Badge – Sub Junior President Dramatics Club at School

His channel can be viewed at

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10 thoughts on “Bhavya Bengani – A Young Spark

  1. Bhavya is very talented no doubt , I have been seeing him from his childhood as he was my daughter’s friend.
    I wish him best of luck for his journey!
    I know he will definitely create he has got that spark in him.

  2. Bhavya is very talented no doubt , I have been seeing him from his childhood as he was my daughter’s friend.
    I wish him best of luck for his journey!
    I know he will definitely create something..

  3. Amazing
    !! Absolutely admirable
    So proud of u Bhavya
    Keep going strong
    God bless you
    Hope u each great height and get all what you desire

  4. Proud of you Bhavya !!! Your work has balance and professional touch. I always enjoy watching your performance Wish you good luck for your journey.. God Bless

  5. Really so proud to see Bhavya at this stage…I remember small shy boy watching him since nursery class has grown into a multitalented boy …Not only in drama but in dance & cricket too ths little boy has shown a good performance besides having a very polite & understanding nature towards her mom manasvini. His success is worth appreciating. Keep growing

  6. Bhavya I love hearing you tell stories, you are so focussed and versatile having command on different languages. May God bless you!

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