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March 14, 2023

The query was “Write a short story on social inclusion“ Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in the hills. The people in this village were kind and friendly, but they also had a tendency to exclude anyone who didn’t fit in with their idea of what was “normal.” This meant that […]

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1990 films

Golden 1990s: The Decade which redefined cinema

December 29, 2022

The 1990s was a period of immense growth for the movie-going public. The decade saw the birth of some of the most iconic films in history, with the likes of “Jurassic Park,” “Terminator 2,” and “Forrest Gump” all making their debuts. But more than just being a time of great movie releases, the early 1990s […]

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Advantages and Disadvantage of Binge Watch

Binge Watch: Know Pros & Cons

August 20, 2022

Advantages and Disadvantage of Binge Watch

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Why did the Lumière brothers see cinema as "an invention without any future"?

Lumière Brothers predicted cinema as an ‘invention without any future’: What these early Film Makers thought of cinema

August 16, 2022

Introduction In the late 1800s, the Lumière brothers [Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière (19 October 1862 – 10 April 1954) and Louis Jean Lumière (5 October 1864 – 6 June 1948)] were considered to be the fathers of modern cinema. But despite their early success, they actually saw very little future for the medium. In […]

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Sony Pictures Entertainment and Hyundai Motor Announce Unique And Pioneering Multi-Picture Promotional Partnership

May 28, 2020

Hyundai Motor Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment today announced they have entered into a unique and unprecedented multi-picture promotional partnership that will feature the automaker’s new models and technologies in upcoming Sony Pictures productions. Under the deal Hyundai Motor will also offer substantial marketing support and the companies will collaborate on a wide range of ancillary content-creation. The partnership will marry Sony Pictures IP […]

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Katla shooting during covid

Covid-19 loses against the determination of filmmakers

May 20, 2020

by Sonalika Singh Director Baltasar Kormakur and Producer Lucas Foster stand at the dawn of a new era of filmmaking. Both of them have resorted to strict and rigorous methods to battle against the spread of the Coronavirus in order to continue with the shooting of a Netflix series “Katla” and a horror movie based […]

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cinema peedika

‘Filmmaking cannot be taught, but can be learned’ – Uma Vangal

May 15, 2020

The report by Yash Mishra The internet is full of webinars since the lockdown. Out of all the Department of Media Sciences of Anna University College of Engineering organized an excellent webinar for film scholars and lovers. The guest speaker was Uma Vangal, a well-known filmmaker and a film critic. The topic was around “Cinema […]

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Summer in Bethlehem

5 Indian feel-good films on Hotstar to watch during Lockdown

March 25, 2020

The world is taking a break; so you do. It is high time to stay at home and prevent yourself from exposing to the outer world. While most of us are doing our official work from home, it is important to keep ourselves busy. It is important to forget about COVID 19 and keep yourself […]

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Tokri maker looking forward to bring craft in animation

April 17, 2018

Tokri: The basket wins the Indian national award 2018 for the best animation film. Eeksaurus’s 40 member creative team are constantly evolving their craft, exploring new ways to tell stories and create quirky and kitschy content that strikes a chord with the audience. Eeksaurus was established with a core objective of creating ads with high […]

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moving images

Kishor extracts meaning in moving images of Tamil cinema

March 7, 2018

With more than 14000 subscribers and rich content in form of video essays, the YouTube channel Moving Images offers a lot of film lovers. The channel analyses and present video essays on various aspects of film. The YouTube channel is owned and operated by Chennai based bio-engineer Dr Kishor Lakshminarayanan who currently researching on human […]

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