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The analysis of various films by film scholars.

Why did the Lumière brothers see cinema as "an invention without any future"?

Lumière Brothers predicted cinema as an ‘invention without any future’: What these early Film Makers thought of cinema

Introduction In the late 1800s, the Lumière brothers [Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière (19 October 1862 – 10 April 1954) and Louis Jean Lumière (5 October 1864 – 6 June 1948)] were considered to be the fathers of modern cinema. But despite their early success, they actually saw very little future for the medium. In…

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Representation of Isolation in Films

In a time when we’re all feeling a little isolated, it can be nice to watch films that reflect that feeling back at us. Whether they’re about literal isolation or just characters who feel alone in the world, these films can help us feel seen and understood. The Shining The Shining is one of the…

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Spotlight Film Analysis, SPotlight film review

Inside News Making: Scene Analysis of Spotlight

Analysis by Malvika Chawla “They knew and let it happen!”“It could’ve been you,It could’ve been me,It could’ve been any of us.”                                           -Sacha Pfeiffer Introduction Spotlight is a 2015  American biographical drama film directed by Tom  McCarthy and written by McCarthy and Josh  Singer. The film follows ‘The  Boston  Globe’s’ “Spotlight”  team,  the oldest continuously…

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Zathura film analysis

Scene Analysis of Blast off to space: Zathura – A space adventure

Analysis done by Devyani Verma Introduction Zathura, a movie based on the concept of Robin Williams’ Jumaji (1995), is an English Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie released in 2005. Having a run time of 1 hour and 54 minutes, the film stars then child actor Josh Hutcherson and then teenage actress Kristen Stewart (the famous Twilight actress). The…

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