This session aims to revisit old films which help to learn film from a historical way in Cinema Peedika Style

“Rashomon” – A Timeless Dive into the Human Psyche

October 28, 2023

Director: Akira Kurosawa Release Year: 1950 Genre: Psychological Drama “Rashomon” opens beneath the Rashomon Gate during a heavy rainstorm, where a woodcutter and a priest are seeking shelter. What they’ve witnessed and their differing accounts form the crux of the film. The story revolves around a crime involving a bandit, a samurai, and his wife. […]

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MOEDERTJIE Directed by Joseph Albrecht South Africa, 1931 Drama, Short 30 Synopsis Tante Koester (Moedertjie) and her husband travel by train to Maraisburg to look for their only son who hasn’t written home for two years. Arriving after dark, they spend the night in the station’s waiting room – meeting other strangers, each with their own tales of loss and sorrow.

Moedertjie – A Timeless Ode to a Mother’s Love

October 25, 2023

Moedertjie, first South African talki

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