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COVID 19 Impact: Laxmi Bomb to release on Disney+ Hotstar

There is no doubt that our life is not be same again. Covid 19 turned the way we live and commute and communicate. The film industry has also faced huge difficulties during this tough time.

The delay in release dates, restrictions, and closure on shooting shacked the industry. As a measure to tackle the issue Akshay Kumar’s upcoming Bollywood film, Laxmi Bomb is all set to release on Disney+ Hotstar.

The OTT release of the superstar film will definitely open up opportunities in Bollywood and also raised eye brows of distributors and exhibitors. However audience are happy to watch a new flick during lockdown days.

Laxmi Bomb is a remake of the 2011 Tamil film Muni 2: Kanchana which was an industrial hit. The film was directed by popular choreographer turned actor Raghava Lawrence who also directed the Hindi version.

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2 thoughts on “COVID 19 Impact: Laxmi Bomb to release on Disney+ Hotstar

  1. My opinion is that not to release all the scenes in OTT platform and keep some intresting scenes behind so that after lockdown when we release the movie in theaters people may show interest for going into theaters.

    As a Telugu person I saw this movie many times some scenes are not related to story but they are intresting and entertaing. So you can skip this scenes when releasing in OTT and add when released in theaters.

  2. My opinion is that due to covid 19 pandemic films are not releasing in cinema halls so OTT platform is a very good
    option to release the film as now everything is becoming digital. Through OTT platform film viewership will also increase as nowadays many people are using OTT platform .

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