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Covid-19 loses against the determination of filmmakers

by Sonalika Singh

Director Baltasar Kormakur and Producer Lucas Foster stand at the dawn of a new era of filmmaking. Both of them have resorted to strict and rigorous methods to battle against the spread of the Coronavirus in order to continue with the shooting of a Netflix series “Katla” and a horror movie based on Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn” respectively.

Baltasar made his crew and cast follow the system of color-coded armband in Iceland. Those wearing yellow could be near the camera; the actors, makeup and costume professionals wore black and the producers, script supervisors and visual effects people wore red and a few lucky ones were given blue armbands, which allowed them access to all areas of the set. “This way we could monitor each other,” he said.

Foster followed the division on the basis of job function. A nurse, a paramedic and a doctor were present daily. Surfaces were cleaned and temperatures were checked. Cast and crew also filled out wellness questionnaires.

Rigorous testing and following the rules made it easy for the crew and cast to fruitfully shoot their segments.

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