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Film Review Bombing: When Online Criticism Goes Too Far

The internet has given individuals a powerful platform to express their opinions and critique just about anything. While this freedom of expression has many positive aspects, it has also brought about some negative consequences, one of which is the practice of film review bombing. This article explores the phenomenon of film review bombing, its impact on the film industry, and the ethical concerns it raises.

Understanding Review Bombing

Film review bombing, often referred to as review brigading, is the coordinated act of artificially inflating or deflating a film’s user-generated review scores on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, or Metacritic. This is typically done by a group of individuals who share a common agenda or hold a grudge against a particular film, filmmaker, actor, or even a studio. They flood these platforms with a barrage of negative or positive reviews, skewing the film’s overall rating.

Motivations for Review Bombing

Review bombing can be motivated by a variety of factors, and it’s essential to recognize the range of reasons behind this phenomenon. Some common motivations include:

  1. Ideological or Political Disagreements: Films that touch on sensitive social, political, or cultural issues may attract review bombers who want to make a statement or advance their own agenda.
  2. Franchise Loyalty: In the age of franchise-based films, devoted fans may resort to review bombing to show their unwavering support or disdain for a particular movie within a series.
  3. Personal Vendettas: Occasionally, individuals or groups may engage in review bombing as a form of retaliation against a specific actor, director, or studio for personal reasons.
  4. Trolling and Mischief: Some individuals may review bomb films solely for the thrill of causing chaos and disruption on review aggregation platforms.

Impacts on the Film Industry

Film review bombing can have a significant impact on the film industry, and this extends beyond simply affecting a film’s online reputation. These are some of the consequences of review bombing:

  1. Misleading Audiences: Review bombing distorts the perception of a film’s quality, which can mislead potential viewers and discourage them from seeing a movie that they might have enjoyed.
  2. Financial Consequences: Review bombing can harm a film’s box office performance, potentially impacting the livelihoods of everyone involved in its production.
  3. Censorship and Self-Censorship: Filmmakers may start to self-censor to avoid review bombing, stifling creativity and limiting the range of stories told on screen.
  4. Impact on Artistic Freedom: Filmmakers should have the freedom to explore controversial or thought-provoking topics without fear of retaliation through review bombing.

Ethical Concerns

The practice of review bombing raises several ethical concerns. When individuals engage in such activities, they infringe on the principles of fairness, respect, and the right to express informed opinions. The following ethical considerations are essential:

  1. Freedom of Expression: While everyone has the right to express their opinions, artificially inflating or deflating reviews undermines the integrity of the film review system and, in turn, stifles freedom of expression.
  2. Respect for Artistic Freedom: Review bombers disregard the artist’s right to create content without fearing retaliation, ultimately limiting the creative freedom of filmmakers.
  3. Misleading Audiences: Review bombing deprives audiences of the opportunity to form their own opinions about a film, making it harder to find authentic and well-informed reviews.


Film review bombing is a problematic practice that negatively impacts the film industry, artistic freedom, and the integrity of review aggregation platforms. It’s crucial for both platforms and users to take steps to address this issue, such as implementing algorithms to detect and mitigate coordinated review bombing efforts. In addition, consumers should be encouraged to make decisions based on a balanced and diverse range of reviews, rather than being swayed by artificially manipulated scores. By fostering an environment of honest and respectful critique, we can ensure that film reviews continue to serve their intended purpose – to help viewers make informed choices and promote the art of filmmaking.

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