Gaia takes her stand for a reason


This International Women’s Day YouTube and Facebook fled with messages and video on women empowerment and right. The liberated digital technology and user skills enabled production of such media content. Some video in form of short films were based on hard hitting reality which gave an awakening. Such a short film which is getting viral on YouTube and Facebook is Gaia-She Awakens.

Gaia – When women Awekens

This short film deals with discussion inside candidate selection room for a corporate company. The three selectors negotiate each other for selecting a female candidate who is over qualified but satisfy their “demands”. They happily offers her a dream job but she had different plans which gives them a return shock.

Title of Gaia/ Team Jango Space

Behind Gaia

Gaia -She Awakens is directed by Rouf and presented by Skepper Creative and Smashtti. While Fiza Farima shines as Gaia, Shinoj Nambiar, Sunil Krishnan and Faizaz does justice to their role in this short film. the concept of the film is developed by Sachidananda Varma and Shamil while script is done by Krishna Prasad. The eye catchy camera and well cut edits are done by Sanal and Jobin Jayan respectively.

A screenshot from Gaia

The film is bought on YouTube by Team Jango Space. The film released on internet with following message.

The world celebrated women’s day on March 8.We continue the celebration today.We will do the same tomorrow. Celebrate womanhood everyday. Be the change she wishes to see in the world.

You can watch Gaia here

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