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Martin Freeman not sure if ‘Black Panther’ will bring change in people’s mindset

Actor Martin Freeman believes that the expectations of social change after the success of “Black Panther”, which was the first superhero film to be primarily led by an all-black cast, are overblown.

The actor, who played CIA agent Everett Ross in the Ryan Coogler-directed film, said when nothing changed in the United States of America, even after the presidency of Barack Obama, how can a film influence people’s mindset.

‘People have felt a need for it, and people don’t always feel a social need to go and see a film. Certain members of certain communities feel that, ‘Yes, this is my film.’ I’m not making any claims that now America will change – of course it won’t. If America didn’t change under (Barack) Obama, then…” Freeman, 46, told The Guardian.

“You have to be realistic about what we do. We are making films, which are really important, but it doesn’t change everything. It’s just very nice to be part of what has been a very important film to a lot of people,” he added.


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