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Musical and Poetic Tribute to Walayar sisters

Walayarile Penkuttikalkku is a musical tribute to the Walayar minor sisters’ rape and murder in 2017 and the recent setback of the judgment.

Walayar Sisters

Walayar is a small town located in the border regions of Kerala and Tamil Nadu – the southern states in India. A 13-year-old girl was found dead (death by hanging) in her house at Walayar in mid-January 2017. Though the incident was reported as an unnatural death and the police filed an FIR. A few months later, her sister, (9-year-old then) was also found dead in similar circumstances.

All the six verdicts pronounced by Palakkad POCSO Court backed the allegations that even the available evidence in the mysterious death of the two minor girls was destroyed. Separate charge sheets were submitted in the death of both children.

The prosecution procedures in the court also were in continuation of the lapses on the part of the investigation team. The court came down heavily on the lapses from the part of the prosecution in recording statements of witnesses and providing evidences.

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Musical Tribute

There are lots of protests happening in Kerala online and offline seeking justice for Walayar sisters. Among them, the musical and poetic tribute from Dr. Rayson K Alex, Assistant Professor at BITS Pilani, Goa stands out for its deep sense of reality and pain.

A musical tribute to the Walayar minor sisters' rape and murder in 2017 and the recent setback of the judgement.

Posted by Rayson Alex on Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Facebook post from Dr. Rayson K Alex

The poem is written by

U. A. Manoj and sung by Rayson K. Alex. The music and Orchestration was combindly arranged by Rayson K. Alex and Joel Fernando. The meaning of Malayalam poem is as follows:

Few children displayed
their beauty
to express their distress over the two young sisters
who were hung.
Up in the sky
a rope tied t the crescent
Down in the marsh
the carnivorous plant has bloomed.

Watch the musical tribute here

Credit: Rayson K. Alex

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