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#NotComingSoon: A time capsule film for 2115

Yes, You heard it correct!  The popular and award winning American film director, Robert Anthony Rodríguez who is known for making Spy Kid and Sin City film series directed a film titled “100 Years” which is set to be release on November 18, 2115. Practically speaking no one who is reading this now will have a chance to see the film. This is an absolute addition to time capsule.

100 Years

Robert Anthony Rodríguez
Robert Anthony Rodríguez

On release

The film is written by John Malkovich, who himself played the lead role in which the details of the role and plot is kept as secret. On 18, 2015, the crew released teasers of the film which gave no clue about the plot.

On film’s release

Malkovich said to People that “When this idea was proposed to me, I just thought it was a very clever and fascinating concept to do something which essentially certainly I will never see,” he says. “But I like that. The truth is if you act in a play you never see it. I’ve certainly acted in a lot of movies I’ve never seen and a number of them I wouldn’t particularly be tempted to.”

As per sources from Wikipedia, the film is being kept in a high-tech safe in bulletproof glass. It is again secured with a time lock that will open automatically on 18 November 2115. More than 1000 guests are invited with two metal coated tickets. The royalty of the tickets can pass it on to their descendants.

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