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Unanswered Questions: Short Film Review

Prakshali Tiwari reviews newly released the independent short film Question written and directed by Yash Swaraj.

Desire holds great importance in human life. This is among the many thoughts that we get to realize after watching the short film – Question. ‘QUESTION- short film’ is a 30 minutes 27 seconds short film released on YouTube. It is produced by Poorman Films Production and describes the story of a psychopathic killer, who might have a point.

There are a million questions that surpass our mind every hour. These motivate us to make an effort to find an answer to those questions. Besides, while watching something, there are many questions in our minds. We blend with the story to find an answer. Satisfaction comes from fulfilling desires. This short film lives perfectly to the quote, ‘A human is a slave of his desires’.

Yash, director, and lead actor

The main protagonist of the story, Raghu, lives up to the role of a psychopathic killer. The film shows the disheartening reality that actually drives people to take steps just to fulfill their satisfaction. This film also breaks many stereotypes like the visual people have of a psychologically unstable man. Most importantly not revealing much about the story and keeping a thriller for the viewers, this film, at last leaves the viewer with one question, ‘Am I slave of my desire desires or satisfaction?’

Cinema Peedika Rating: 4.5/5

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